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Data for Ilzetzki, Reinhart, and Rogoff (2019, 2021),

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Ethan Ilzetzki, Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff, Exchange Arrangements Entering the 21st Century: Which Anchor Will Hold? , Quarterly Journal of Economics, 134:2, 599–646, 2019.

Ethan Ilzetzki, Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff, Rethinking Exchange Rate Regimes (with Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff). Handbook of International Economics, vol 5, Gita Gopinath, Elhanan Helpman and Kenneth Rogoff, eds, 2021.

Revised: November 2021

​Anchor currency, monthly, 1946 - 2019

​Exchange rate regime classification, monthly, 1946 - 2019

Unified market analysis (capital control index), monthly, 1946-2016

Country Chronologies


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