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Guardian: I'm quoted on ERC research funding and Brexit

Lisa O'Carroll, 25 April 2022

Bloomberg Radio: Interview about Chancellor's Spring Statement (UK Budget) (minute 16)

March 23, 2022

BBC News (TV): Interview about the UK Cost of Living Crisis

February 12, 2022 

FT: The Poisoned Chalice of the Fed Chair Job 

John Plender, Nov 26, 2021

GWG - ECFIN - JRC Conference on the "Assessment of Output Gaps and Potential Output in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath". Slides

Macro Musings Podcast, Dec 2020 Interview on the euro, exchange rate volatility & inflation prospects                        

Newsweek: The World Is $277 Trillion in Debt So Why Aren't Economists More Worried? 

Alex Hudson, Nov 24, 2020

Project Syndicate: The Calm Before the Exchange Rate Storm,

Ken Rogoff, Nov 10, 2020

Brookings Panel on Economic Activity,

Presentation, Sep 24, 2020       

Times: Video explainer on public debt

July 8, 2020

Guardian: How worrying is Britain's debt? Surprisingly, we economists say: not very

Op ed, June 2020

Les Echos: L'internationalisation de l'euro toujours au point mort,

Nessim Aït-Kacimi, Jun 10, 2020

VoxEU: Ramping up ventilator production: Lessons from WWII

Article, April 2020, (with Hugo Reichardt)

FT: Europe First: taking on the dominance of the US dollar

Martin Sandbu, Dec 5, 2019.

FT: What the ECB Bashers Get Wrong,

Martin Sandbu, Nov 7, 2019

IMF Annual Research Conference:

Discussion on public debt and r<g around minute 55, November 2019

FT: China's currency will not replace the US dollar,

Colby Smith, Sep 19, 2019



Interview, Jan 2018 (in Hebrew)

Les Echos: La productivité, ça se cultive,

Jean-Marc Vittori, 25 Sep 2017

Macro Musings podcast, May 2017

Economist: Donald Trump and the Dollar Standard,

Free Exchange, Feb 9, 2017.

Invstr Video on fiscal policy, Nov 2016

CfM Public Lecture: Fiscal Policy During Recessions and Recoveries, LSE Feb 2014

LSE US Centre Blog on the Affordable Care Act, 2013

BBC: Interview, September 2012

Bloomberg: Interview,

Mar 2012

New York Times: Vector Autoregressions and Keynesian Macro

Paul Krugman (blog post) Oct 17, 2011

Economist: Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking

Buttonwood, Aug 11, 2011

CNN: Debt deal: No cause for celebration

Op Ed, Aug 1, 2011

Econbroser: Multiplier estimates, across countries, across states, across time

July, 2011

Irish Independent: State stimuli won't work without fall in interest rates, says research

Brendan Keenan, Dec 16, 2010

Wall Street Journal: Why the Spending Stimulus Failed

Michael Boskin, Dec 1, 2010

New York Times: The Two Cultures

David Brooks, Nov 15, 2010

American Enterprise Institute: Government Response to Financial Crisis,

Presentation, Oct 2009

A Victory for Mudell-Flemming

Greg Mankiw, blog post, Oct 5, 2009

New York Times: Multiplying Multipliers

Paul Krugman (blog post) Oct 1, 2009