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UK in a Changing EU Conference: From Research to Policy. I talk about the UK Macro framework.

See my written report here.

Jan 31 2024

Sky News asks me whether higher public sector pay would lead to inflation.

Jan 4 2023

Financial Times Survey of top 101 UK economists

Jan 3 2023

Macro Musings Podcast, Interview on the UK crisis, the strong $, fiscal policy and inflation, and monetary policy shocks

Nov 2022

Euronews: Autumn statement: Hunt strives to play up UK's performance as he sets out austere budget

I talk about the autumn statement and Brexit.

17 Nov 22

Note on the UK Fiscal Crisis of 2022

Ethan Ilzetzki, Oct 2022

Slides Nov 2022

GB News: Interview about the UK economy

Oct 19, 2022

CNN: Two vie to replace Boris Johnson. Neither has 'a true plan' to fix its ailing economy

Anna Cooban, July 24, 2022

LSE Explainer on inflation and interest rates

July, 2022

Guardian: I'm quoted on ERC research funding and Brexit

Lisa O'Carroll, 25 April 2022

Bloomberg Radio: Interview about Chancellor's Spring Statement (UK Budget) (minute 16)

March 23, 2022

BBC News (TV): Interview about the UK Cost of Living Crisis

February 12, 2022 

FT: The Poisoned Chalice of the Fed Chair Job 

John Plender, Nov 26, 2021

GWG - ECFIN - JRC Conference on the "Assessment of Output Gaps and Potential Output in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath". Slides

Macro Musings Podcast, Dec 2020 Interview on the euro, exchange rate volatility & inflation prospects                        

Newsweek: The World Is $277 Trillion in Debt So Why Aren't Economists More Worried? 

Alex Hudson, Nov 24, 2020

Project Syndicate: The Calm Before the Exchange Rate Storm,

Ken Rogoff, Nov 10, 2020

Brookings Panel on Economic Activity,

Presentation, Sep 24, 2020       

Times: Video explainer on public debt

July 8, 2020

Guardian: How worrying is Britain's debt? Surprisingly, we economists say: not very

Op ed, June 2020

Les Echos: L'internationalisation de l'euro toujours au point mort,

Nessim Aït-Kacimi, Jun 10, 2020

VoxEU: Ramping up ventilator production: Lessons from WWII

Article, April 2020, (with Hugo Reichardt)

FT: Europe First: taking on the dominance of the US dollar

Martin Sandbu, Dec 5, 2019.

FT: What the ECB Bashers Get Wrong,

Martin Sandbu, Nov 7, 2019

IMF Annual Research Conference:

Discussion on public debt and r<g around minute 55, November 2019

FT: China's currency will not replace the US dollar,

Colby Smith, Sep 19, 2019



Interview, Jan 2018 (in Hebrew)

Les Echos: La productivité, ça se cultive,

Jean-Marc Vittori, 25 Sep 2017

Macro Musings podcast, May 2017

Economist: Donald Trump and the Dollar Standard,

Free Exchange, Feb 9, 2017.

Invstr Video on fiscal policy, Nov 2016

CfM Public Lecture: Fiscal Policy During Recessions and Recoveries, LSE Feb 2014

LSE US Centre Blog on the Affordable Care Act, 2013

BBC: Interview, September 2012

Bloomberg: Interview,

Mar 2012

New York Times: Vector Autoregressions and Keynesian Macro

Paul Krugman (blog post) Oct 17, 2011

Economist: Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking

Buttonwood, Aug 11, 2011

CNN: Debt deal: No cause for celebration

Op Ed, Aug 1, 2011

Econbroser: Multiplier estimates, across countries, across states, across time

July, 2011

Irish Independent: State stimuli won't work without fall in interest rates, says research

Brendan Keenan, Dec 16, 2010

Wall Street Journal: Why the Spending Stimulus Failed

Michael Boskin, Dec 1, 2010

New York Times: The Two Cultures

David Brooks, Nov 15, 2010

American Enterprise Institute: Government Response to Financial Crisis,

Presentation, Oct 2009

A Victory for Mudell-Flemming

Greg Mankiw, blog post, Oct 5, 2009

New York Times: Multiplying Multipliers

Paul Krugman (blog post) Oct 1, 2009

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