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Invited Presentations


UK in a Changing EU conference "From Research to Policy" , Norgesbank Monetary Policy Mini-Workshop, University of Manchester. 


Surrey, ZEW Mannheim Public Economics Conference, Sveriges Riksbank, IIES Stockholm, Asian Monetary Policy Forum, IMF Jacques Polak Annual Research ConferenceKiel-Berlin CEPR Conference on Geoeconomics.

2022 Jackson Hole Economic Symposium (discussant), Harvard, ECB, Pisa, Hebrew University, Bank of Israel, Reichman University, Shenkar University, UK Department for International Trade, Salento Macro Meetings, 2TM conference in macro.



American Economic Association annual meetings (presented and chaired panel of fiscal policy in crises and recoveries), University of Nottingham, IMF, Rutgers University, CfM London Macro workshop, University of Chicago, NBER summer institute, ECFIN DG, CREI, QMU Belfast, Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis Netherlands.



Panel on international monetary spillovers at the IHS-Mercatus Center seminar on international monetary policy, University of Maryland, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Toulouse, Ben Gurion University



EUI, Central Bank Research Association Annual Conference, Economic Policy, University of Naples, panel on international monetary spillovers at the IHS-Mercatus Center seminar on international monetary policy.



Ecole Polytechnique, EUI, Hebrew University, Bank of Israel, DIW, Brown University, Northwestern, Chicago Fed.



IMF, NBER International Finance and Macro meeting, NBER SI Monetary Economics, Harvard University, Tel Aviv U, Bilkent U, CEPR ForEx Intervention Conference.


Nova de Lisboa, Bologna, Johns Hopkins, EUI, Bocconi, Csef-Igier Symposium on Economics and Institutions, Bank for International Settlements, Cambridge, Bank of England conference on housing and the macroeconomy, Econometric Society European meetings, ECB conference on monetary policy pass-through, Surrey.



Stanford, UC Berkeley, CEPR Public Economics Symposium, Csef-Igier Symposium on Economics and Institutions, NBER SI Aggregate Implications of Micro, EEA, Mannheim, Osnabrueck, Bocconi.



National Bank of Poland, Institute for Fiscal Studies, LSE Conference in Honor of Robert Barro, University of British Columbia, Royal Economic Society, Princeton Political Economy Conference, Public Economics UK, University of Copenhagen, Paris Tech conference on Political Economy, University of Michigan, New York Fed, Yale, NBER Political Economy meetings, Duke, University of Maryland, Minneapolis Fed, Columbia, Harvard, UCLA, UC San Diego.



University of Amsterdam, University of Bonn, European Summer Symposium in International Macroeconomics, University of Naples, EACBN conference on “Global Spillovers and Economic Cycles”, Bank of England, University of Pennsylvania, University of Manchester, Goethe University Frankfurt, European Union Institute.



Bank of England-LSE joint workshop, Royal Economic Society Annual Meetings, Public Economics UK, University of Bonn, CSDA International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics.



Bank of England, Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University, Ben Gurion University, NIPE, Universidade do Minho, CEPR-CREi Workshop on Politics, Information and the Macroeconomy, Society for Economic Dynamics, International Growth Centre Workshop on Fiscal and Monetary Policies.



Trinity College Dublin, IIES Stockholm, CEP annual conference, ITIC annual congress, Public Economics UK, NBER Trans-Atlantic Public Economics Seminar: Fiscal Policy, NBER Summer Institute: Dynamic Public Finance, Oxcarre conference on the management of national resource booms, University of Birmingham, Oxford University, Columbia University, Federal Reserve Board, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, San Francisco Fed.



AEA meetings, Hebrew University, London School of Economics, University of California at Santa Cruz, Cambridge University, London Business School, IIES Stockholm, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Inter-American Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, American Enterprise Institute, World Bank, Colby College.



Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Federal Reserve Board, International Monetary Fund, European Economic Association Annual  Meetings.



Western Economic Association's Annual Meetings, World Meetings of the Public Choice Society, LACEA political economy group, Catholic University of Louvain, Free University of Brussels.

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